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5 Ways Mobile Friendly Content Increases Site Traffic

Mobile Users Outnumber Desktop Users

5 Ways Mobile Friendly Content Increases Site Traffic

Mobile Friendly Content
With the quantity of mobile users surpassing desktop users, now like never before, it is an indispensable effort for your company to improve mobile-friendly content onyour site to take advantage of your prospects’ mobile device traffic. With a mobile-friendly site, you’ll likely notice a higher rate of mobile visitors retention when the content is easier to read on their devices. The outcome is an increase in mobile traffic and a decrease in bounce rates.

Advancing Your Mobile Content

Mobile-friendliness is one of the criteria Google uses to decide the positioning of sites in search results. Search engine marketing research gauges at least a 30 percent increase in search engine rank when you streamline your site for mobile content.

Here are five ways that mobile-friendly content builds traffic to your site.

1. Now, Everybody is Going Mobile

The world we now live in views mobile device users as the norm. Truth be told, more than 2 billion people access the Internet through their mobile gadgets. An astonishing 80 percent of all Internet users associate by means of their cell phones. In no time, these numbers will skew significantly more toward mobile. Basically, the traffic you need for business is now almost all on mobile.

2. Mobile Users Purchase More

Desktop users spend less than overall than their mobile counterparts in spite of the fact that cell phone users spend less per transaction. That is basically because they are acclimated to making smaller purchases more often. These clients are the ideal audience for transactions underneath $10. Also, the sales estimation of tablet users is higher than other sizes of mobile devices.

3. Mobile Users Switch Screens

Research also shows that 90 percent of individuals switch between gadgets before they finish a transaction. This implies that sooner or later amid the exchange procedure, clients will access a mobile version of your site. They may move to a desktop to finish a purchase after they’ve discovered something that gets their consideration. An indicator of whether visitors discover a site to be mobile-friendly is the overall bounce rate. Unless your site can deal with various display sizes, you will miss some customers as they switch devices.

4. Google Favors Mobile Responsiveness

SERP rankings on Google have inclined toward mobile friendliness for a long while. The stakes have been raised and website mobile responsiveness is more critical than at any other time for getting natural traffic and positioning high in Google searches. Google’s most recent noteworthy algorithm update enacts huge punishments for sites failing to meet its benchmarks for mobile friendliness through a bonus to mobile friendly websites.

5. Social Media Referrals Are On Mobile

Social media interactions represent a large part of mobile web access. Social media is turning into an essential center point for mobile gadgets as it keeps on advancing and developing. There is a higher chance that incoming traffic is getting to your site through mobile gadgets if your business participates in social media marketing on any level. You may squander your paid advertising dollars and lose out on your content marketing endeavours in the event that you have an non changing or non mobile friendly site site. Make a point to utilize keywords that identify with your presentation pages and keep an eye on the most recent Google algorithm changes to stay on top of search engine marketing.

Content Marketing on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices represent a lot of Internet utilization. A site that is appealing and performs well on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile gadgets will showcase your products and services to customers and greatly increase the possibility of sales from your prospects. What this implies is that your mobile marketing strategy is a key component in empowering the general growth of your business. You can increase site traffic and in addition, the chances of converting visitors into steadfast clients by guaranteeing that your content is accessible over every mobile platform with responsive design.


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