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Custom Software And Improving Your Business

Can improve your business.

Custom Software And Improving Your Business

Over our 21 years of development here at Darkstar, we have programmed a ton of different applications and interfaces for our clients.

For (I would hope) any business, there is at least 1 element of your workflow that can be improved with an online tool.

Do you send a ton of files to your clients?

Do you need to sell products 24 hours a day?

Are your employees in the dark about their vacation/sick days left?

Do you need to send coordinated messages to sub-contractors / staff / clients?

Anything you can dream up can be brainstormed, planned, coded, tested and launched to great fanfare. If done correctly, we can hope to see an increase in the efficiency and cost of your business processes.

One of oldest clients is using a system to deliver standardized CAD/CAM files to manufacturers around North America. They update a file library daily to make sure that the factories keep cutting and shaping around the clock, and all the parts fit together when the disparate parts are assembled in stores. It’s difficult to think back to before this custom software was in place. What did they do before? How many times did they email that one file?

Another client has a new B2B sales tool that allows their customers to get immediate quotes and put together their own list of products that can be repeat ordered every month. Instead of spending hours each delivery cycle customizing an order list – they can hit one button, review the list, add a few items, and hit the order button.

One of our latest systems is a project management tool that allows a facility owner or manager around the globe to coordinate every discipline of maintenance – gutters, landscape, electrical, signage, paint, etc. – with several contractors at once. The managers can bid and award work easily and then coordinate with the winning contractor to make sure the work gets done and is done correctly.

Another is for a company that runs dozens of classes and seminars each month. We are creating a system for them that keeps track of how many seats are left in each class and how many rental products do we have left so students can work on the parts in class. Students can also sign up online, submit their documents and pay for the classes. When the instructor gets ready to head to class, he can print out a list of all the students, how many are renting equipment and any special requests or needs.

What can we create to make your life easier?

Is there an idea you’ve been toying with for years?

Give us a call!