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A Web Design Company Is Your Best Resource

To Help Meet Business Goals

A Web Design Company Is Your Best Resource


With the changes over the past few years in online user behavior, your customers and prospects now have a tremendous amount of power and choice in the buying process. The web developer that you choose for your next project should be more than just a ‘web guy’. They have to understand the fundamentals of integrated marketing, and be focused on how to extend your website to be your best salesman.

The Best Web Design Companies Focus On Your Goals, Challenges and Plans.

Where would your business be if you didn’t think and plan based on how to make it grow and succeed?

Why shouldn’t that extend to your website, your most visible connection to your current and future clients?

Your web developer should ask you a lot of pointed questions about revenue targets, growth goals, and business challenges. Be prepared to ask those tough questions to yourself and your team. Come to the table with reports on current and planned growth. Always plan for SMART Goals (Specific Measurable Assignable Relevant Time-Related).

What is Your Target Market?

target.jpgCompanies that are extremely successful focus on one principle — their company is distinctive and serves a certain market. A Goodwill shopper isn’t the best customer for Lord & Taylor and they don’t spend time marketing and selling to them.

In working to develop strategy, design and content for your website, the project needs to have a clear voice, speak loudly and directly to your customers. Shaping the message to appeal to everyone dilutes the message and makes it less successful for your customers and prospects.

It always helps to work up a target persona. A Web design company needs to develop this in the discovery phase. Identify your best customer, as well as one or two secondary customer types that the website needs to attract. We give them a name, communication methods, a job title and a location, among several other elements.

This allows your project to be focused, from the design of the look of the site, to the overall tone and message of the website. Only then can your website project be a success and truly be the voice that represents your company.

What Are Your Current Marketing Efforts?

Omni-channel rules the marketing world, and your web developer should take stock of all existing marketing, including effectiveness and ROI.


By 2013, lead management campaigns integrating 4 or more digital channels will outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by 300%. (Gartner Research) 


The main trick to Omni-channel lies with the message. The campaign should have the exact same message on every channel to trigger the best response from your audience. When a visitor sees the same images and tagline on website, PPC, direct mail and email, they immediately relate the pieces and their brand strength is multiplied.

What Is Your Biggest Business Challenge?

You might not think that it’s important to your web team, but your business challenges are usually the biggest obstacle in the way of your business goals.

Having trouble finding salespeople? We can create content and marketing efforts to entice the right candidates. Your accounting system won’t share data with your business intelligence platform? We can either make an integration module or source one to makes your life a lot easier.

Darkstar is here to help you succeed. It’s our main goal.