Are you a Cyborg?

You might just be one.

Are you a Cyborg?

I was reading an article recently from my favorite author, and the premise of the article was about the definition of a cyborg in popular science fiction from the 1930s to the 1960s. He starts out with the scary robots of the early movies and moves to people with embedded technology – “Cyborgs”.

The author reaches the conclusion that through our use of modern technology, with IPhones, Tablets and modern computers, we have already reached the point where we can be considered “Cyborgs”. We have a constant flow of information and an overarching need to be connected.

Wikipedia – A cyborg, short for “cybernetic organism”, is a being with both organic and cybernetic parts.

How many times a day do you pick-up your IPhone or Android device? Your ultrabook or IPad?

“The human species was already in process of growing itself an extended communal nervous system, then, and was doing things with it that had previously been impossible: viewing things at a distance, viewing things that had happened in the past, watching dead men talk and hearing their words. What had been absolute limits of the experiential world had in a very real and literal way been profoundly and amazingly altered, extended, changed. And would continue to be. And the real marvel of this was how utterly we took it all for granted.” William Gibson

We at Darkstar deliver your messages to the Cyborg Collective Consciousness – that “extended communal nervous system”.

Responsive websitesmobile applications, and social media are more and more important as the current and future population get closer and closer to being true “Cyborgs”.

Your business has to stay on the leading edge of social and web media, and Darkstar Design is here to help you reach your audience.

David Waldron