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Common Challenges of Inbound Marketing

Common Challenges of Inbound Marketing

Common Challenges of Inbound Marketing

Every marketer is going to go through some bumps along the way. Even though the majority is going to share the same goals, the challenges that they face are definitely going to differ. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common difficulties in front of inbound marketing that a lot of teams are struggling with. Let’s take a look.

Securing Enough Budget

Unfortunately, small to medium sized enterprises are yet to recognize the true potential of online marketing, especially in the developing countries. A wide range of marketers’ share that securing enough budgets for their content marketing campaigns have proven to be permanent challenges that’s hard to go around.

One way to handle the issue is through a comprehensive and definitively polished portfolio which is expressively showing the tremendously beneficial results of previously handled projects.

Targeting Right Content for an International Audience

This is a particularly difficult obstacle for the majority of online marketers. While the same product might be equally desired in two different countries, the inbound marketing approach which is going to promote it is definitely going to differ.

People from different cultures and nationalities have other values that have to be taken into consideration, and this might prove to be difficult to carry out with one approach.

Proving the ROI of the Activities

Even though there are thorough and comprehensive analytic tools, a lot of marketers are still finding troubles reporting back to their clients. Struggles with proving the ROI of certain activity has proven to be a long-lasting challenge and one of the reasons for it to happen is because different marketing approaches have different time manifestations.

PPC marketing, for instance, is going to strongly interfere with the results of SEO and, therefore, determining which one of both brought revenue is definitely hard to do.

Hiring Top Talent

Content marketing is without a doubt a widely used advertising method. However, with so much free information available on the Internet it might get hard for people to assess what’s actually working and what’s not.

Furthermore, the methodologies which are being used change constantly, and it’s not easy to stay on top of them. That’s why top talents are not that easy to come by.

Identifying the Best Approach

Different industries require different approaches. Same goes for the companies of different sizes, nationalities, geographical location and what not. A lot of marketers are struggling in accounting for all of the variables which are going to cause the campaign to be lacking in certain aspects.