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Cool Color Schemes App for Cool Designers

Cool Color Schemes App for Cool Designers


The other day I was searching for color scheme inspiration when I stumbled across This awesome app, created by, generates color palettes based off the popular color website It is super fast and visually stunning.


How To Use Coolors

Coolors has 2 ways to explore color. One is to use the “Generator”. This will give you a full screen look at 5 colors. You can lock a color by clicking on that column. You can also make modifications to the color by changing HSB, RGB, CYMK, PMS, or COPIC.


Did I mention it is super fast? All you have to do to generate a new color palette is click the spacebar. All unlocked colors will change out instantly.

When you have a color scheme you like, the URL changes to be specific to the colors you have chosen. So you can share your color scheme with other designers.


Browse other designer’s color schemes

Another way to use the tool is to browse other desiner’s schemes. Hundreds of color palettes have been posted for your inspiration. Have fun just browsing creative color ideas.


Save your color schemes or share with the world!

You can register with the site and save a private account or you can share so others can be inspired by your color savvy ideas!



It has quickly become my favorite web tool for choosing colors for a website design. I think all designers will fall in love with

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