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Digital Marketing – Know Your Customer

Digital Marketing – Know Your Customer

Digital Marketing - Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer is crucial to launching effective digital marketing campaigns, attracting the right type of traffic and ultimately, growing your business. Knowing your customer is more than just being able to identify who your customers are, but being able to tell what their interests, preferences and needs are. This means that your digital marketing efforts should be concentrated more towards digital marketing analytics rather than just amassing data. Customer analytics is a great way to get to know your customers’ buying patterns and also enables you to predict future buying behavior to guide you while putting together a digital marketing plan. Below are a few other important reasons to use data to find out more about your customers:<

Better Targeting

Studies have shown that customers are more likely to click on targeted ads rather than view ads for random products and services. Collecting and interpreting your customers’ data will help you learn about the best times to send targeted ads as well as the type of information that should be contained in such ads.

Mobile Optimization

Marketing data is increasingly revealing that customers prefer to receive deals, advertisements and offers via mobile devices. This means that you will have to gear more of your marketing efforts towards optimizing your website to mobile devices, in order to reach even greater numbers of customers.

Learn What Type Of Content Prompts Your Customers To Make A Buying Decision

Getting customers to click through to your site and read your content is an achievement in itself in that it helps you to capture their attention in order to introduce your products and services. Data analytics will help you find out which type of content results in higher purchases and you can then adjust your content accordingly.

Learn Where Your Traffic Is Coming From

Analysing customer data will let you know which source is bringing you most traffic i.e. is it social media ads, targeted content, SERP’s and others. You can then shift your budgetary resources to the sources which bring in the largest volumes of traffic.

Knowing your customer is essential to developing an effective digital marketing plan that will reach greater and greater numbers successfully. However, in order to do this, you need to move beyond simply identifying your customers, to finding more about who they are, what their buying needs are, how they make purchasing decisions and many other details. With the right information, you should be able to create an effective marketing campaign, and reach the type of customers who will keep your business growing.