Essential Content Marketing Metrics

Essential Content Marketing Metrics

Essential Content Marketing Metrics

The single biggest and most perplexing question in the world of content marketing isn’t realizing the marketer’s desired results, but rather measuring the effectiveness of the campaign. It is such a mind boggling issue mainly because of the amount of finance and efforts channeled towards the campaign. More often than not, content marketers who can debunk the best answers to this questions end up bowing out of the market altogether.

The effectiveness of the entire strategy frequently depends on more than a hundred factors. But, as the savvy marketers continue pumping more cash into the campaign, understanding if they are doing it right, is the key to growth and realization of results. That’s where the idea of content marketing metrics chips in.

Metrics to measure your content marketing campaign

There’s a broad group that relies on vanity metrics including page views and social shares. Then there’s the savvy lot that seemingly knows the right answer to the million dollar question. Standard metrics to measure the success of your SEO and content marketing campaign include.

Basic Metrics

Under this category, the metrics to focus on include how people access and view the content or just consumption. Since not every content marketer is a guru, most of them often start off by using basic metrics. Key metrics include Google Analytics that reveals users, pageviews, and unique pageviews.

Engaging Metrics

After the introductory statistics obtained from the underlying metrics are the engaging metrics. The data here will help initiate and foster a lasting relationship, begin a sense of loyalty and work toward making the campaign better. Through careful analysis, you will understand such features as how long they stay on the page, referral traffic and any returning visitors. It frequently involves Google Analytics and Social Media.

Conversion Metrics

Any digital marketing technique aims at creating and nurturing leads and making sales. Conversion metrics, therefore, aim at tracking the ROI while checking if indeed the campaign is bearing the expected results. Once again, Google Analytics takes center stage to offer the goal completions and the goal conversion rates.

Essential content marketing metrics explained

Organic Search Traffic

Content plays a fundamental role on the eventual rank of your site on search engines. That’s why every marketer strives to use the best, valuable content, complete with all the aspects of SEO and keywords. It is the combination of these factors that leads to higher organic search traffic, and thus better ROI.

Referral Traffic

This is the measure of the number of visitors who arrived on your site after clicking on your guest posting links as well as those off-site user engagement efforts.

Social Traffic

You will understand how effective your in-platform content is doing and the performance of your syndicated content. You will need to focus on more attention-grabbing headlines.

More marketing metrics you should track

  • Sharing metrics
  • Lead metrics
  • Retention
  • Production
  • Cost