How To Find Your Audience Online

Find Your Audience Online

They are out there waiting for you!

Find Your Audience Online

A question that your business must answer, “Who wants to buy my stuff / services?”

The first step is always to define your audience and determine a keyword search that they would be listed under, like “cancer treatment”, or “antique jeep”.

There are a few online tools that will help you to define and track those customers in new ways.

Twitter’s Advanced Search

Search for lists or people who use Twitter to discuss your subjects.

There is a ton of granularity in their search, and you can refine the results down by keywords, accounts or places very easily.


Another good tool to find people talking about you is Mention.

This tool allows to you set up alerts for your name, brand or other keywords. Once they are triggered, you are quickly able to locate the “Mention” and can make decisions about how to react.


They may seem a little out of date, but forums are very active and used to find information on pretty much anything. The community at large is the author of the content and several of them can be very close knit and supportive groups.

Facebook Groups

There’s a group for everything. Well maybe not everything (Censored), but pretty close.

Find that group, lurk for a bit and find out the rules of the road, then engage with people who really know the subject and care.