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How Google Mobile First Indexing Can Benefit Your Business

How Google Mobile First Indexing Can Benefit Your Business

How Google Mobile First Indexing Can Benefit Your Business

Google Launched announced in late 2016 that it intends to rank search engine listings based on the mobile version of content. Mobile first index simply means that Google will rank web pages based on mobile friendly content, due to the fact that more and more web searches are conducted via mobile devices. This means that Google has switched to using the mobile version of their web as their primary search engine index.

Websites that have been optimized for mobile devices will therefore find themselves ranking higher than those that can only be viewed via desktop.

Below are a few ways this change is poised to benefit businesses when it comes to search engine optimization:

Better SERP Ranking

Businesses with mobile optimized content can expect to rank higher on SERP, which in turn will drive greater numbers of traffic to these sites.

Greater Reach

Research shows that internet users spend seven out of every eight minutes accessing the web via mobile devices. This means that more and more people are choosing to conduct searches via their mobile phones as opposed to desktops and laptops. Mobile first indexing should help businesses access this pool of users quicker, and ultimately convert them into loyal customers and visitors to their websites.

More User Friendly Sites

Businesses without mobile sites will be forced to optimize desktop sites to fit Google’s requirements. Many mobile sites tend to be faster and contain simpler content which should improve user experience.

More Useful Results

Website owners have typically reduced or changed content on mobile sites in order to make them faster. This has meant that people searching the web have received different desktop and mobile site results. Mobile first indexing will force website owners to streamline content between desktop and mobile versions, ultimately resulting in better and more useful results for internet users.

Greater Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

More useful results and user friendly sites will result in greater volumes of traffic to a business’s mobile website. Great content and exemplary customer service should then ensure that you are able to convert these visitors into regular customers who are loyal to your brand. By consistently giving the visitors to your site what they want, you should be able to turn them into loyal customers who make repeat purchases and refer even more business to you.

While Google has yet to fully to launch mobile first indexing, businesses that want to take advantage of this new change would do well to optimize their websites for mobile devices and streamline content across desktop and mobile sites before the changes come fully into effect.