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How Links Can Be Detrimental to Your Website

How Links Can Be Detrimental to Your Website


How Links Can Be Detrimental to Your Website

Back linking has always been thought to be a great idea in the world of SEO and Search Engine Marketing. The truth is back linking can still be great. However, when you have multiple low quality or bad backlinks on your website, this can be a disaster.

Unnatural or broken links will alert Google that your website doesn’t have the value and quality it’s looking for. That you don’t have the content value to get your own backlinks, and this is not going to gain you any rankings in Google’s eye for sure.


How Google Ranks Your Website

PageRank is Google’s way of understanding the importance of your website based on the links you have coming in from other reputable websites. When you receive a backlink from another website, this is considered to be a vote for your value and quality.

Now if you have found that you have some lower quality links and bad links, you need to get rid of this, this is called disavowing links. But how do you do it? Here’s how:

Google’s Webmaster Console

Google’s Webmaster Console allows you to disavow links. It is a two-step process. You will have to first download a list of all your links on your website. Then you will have to create a file that has only the links listed, which you want to disavow. Once you have done this, you will upload them to Google.

To download links to your website, you want to go to the webmaster tools homepage and click on the site you want to disavow the links for. On your dashboard, you will then click onto search traffic and then click on the links to your site. Under the link “Who links the Most” you want to click on more. Then click download more sample links.

From here you will download the file which contains all the various websites that have linked to your website. You will then use these names to create the file of the links that you want to disavow.

Uploading to Google

When it’s time to upload to Google, you will go to the Disavow Links Tool Page and click on your website, click on the disavow links link and choose the file to upload to Google. It may take a little bit of time for Google to process all the information that you provided to them. Sometimes it’s not unusual for this process to take up to a few weeks.


Bad links and low-quality links can really hurt your search engine optimization process and your digital marketing overall. So it’s important to ensure that all the links you have back linking to your website are high-quality ones in the future to avoid this issue.