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How To Use Pokemon GO For Marketing

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How To Use Pokemon GO For Marketing

Pokémon GO Is Great For MarketingPokémon GO, a free-to-play augmented reality (AR) and location based mobile game/app is part of the Pokémon franchise. It was released this month for iOS and Android devices. The game asks players to capture, battle, and train creatures, called Pokémon, that appear throughout the real world. It makes use of your mobile devices GPS and camera (And Contact List!).

The game has become one of the most used apps this month, passing the record held by Candy Crush Saga in a matter of days. It was also praised by medical professionals initially for improving the mental and physical health of players, but garnered controversy due to media reports of accidents, loitering and robbery associated with users.

Since we embrace the theme that ‘Marketing has Changed‘, let’s talk about how you can embrace this wave and gain business with it.

Players Have To Go Outside and Explore

The biggest factor in your ability to capitalize on the mobile app is that users have to go outside and explore, especially in cities. Hordes of users have been descending on public parks, monuments and, sometimes unfortunately, other people’s’ homes to capture Pokémon.

When you passed that group of teens wandering down the road with their phones yesterday, they were probably tracking a Pokémon.

What is a Pokéstop

A Pokéstop is a fixed location in the AR game that is associated with a landmark and has bonuses or activities in game that can only be gathered by physically being there. They are usually based on memorials, statues, historic places or public venues.  When players get close enough to a Pokéstop, they are able to spin a picture and gather more Pokéballs, and special items to continue the game.

In more rural areas, a lot of Pokéstops are based on churches and public places but in urban areas they can be very close to retail or office locations.

How to Use A Lure Module to Attract More Spawns (And Players)

use a Pokémon Lure Module To Bring In PlayersOne of the more interesting items in the game for marketers and business owners is the lure module. If you want to bring in more players who will hang out and hopefully spend money in your location, you can place a lure module at the Pokéstop and bring in more and more spawns of Pokémon. Players will see this conflagration of spawns and be attracted to your location.

How to make sure you have a Lure in Pokémon Go

  • When it is grayed out in your Item bag, you might still have a Lure or two ready to use.
  • Open Pokémon Go to your Map screen.
  • Tap the Poké Ball at the bottom center of the screen.
  • Tap the Items button.
  • Scroll down the screen to Lure Module. Even though it is grayed out, if it shows up on your items list, you have at least one Lure ready to go.

How to place a Lure on a PokéStop in Pokémon Go

  • Open the app to the Map screen.
  • Tap on the nearby PokéStop location.

Tap the white, pill-shaped Lure Module slot that is above the disc and below the name of the PokéStop.

How to set a Lure in Pokemon Go

  • Tap the PokéStop Module near the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on the Lure Module.
  • You know when it worked as pink, heart-shaped petals will float around the lure


I’m Surrounded By Pokémon, Now What?

Now that the lure is going strong, capitalize on player traffic for your location. Get those Poké Specials up on a chalkboard in front of your shop. Put up a tent or pop-up shelter with chairs. think up ideas to get these players talking so they stay even longer. maybe even plan some events.

It’s human nature to grumble a little at the loss of privacy or players being a little too intrusive. Embrace the Pokémon GO and make it work for your business.


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