Mobile Web Use Accounts for Just A Fifth Of Time Spent On Devices

Mobile Web Use

Accounts For Just A Fifth Of Time Spent on Devices.

Mobile Web Use

Interesting article today about Comscore’s recent statistics.

The article basically highlights that users are only using mobile websites for 1/5th of their online time, with the remainder being spent using Apps.

I’m not sure I completely agree with their findings, as some Apps dominate phone usage time like Facebook, 1Weather, and Gmail.

It definitely leads us to the point that a mobile website is a good first step for most businesses. But, once you get that mobile site in place, you should start to define a list of usages that should be put into the form of a mobile application. Internally, you need to answer these questions:

  • What are the top 5 things that your clients do on your website?
  • Will your clients download an app to do those 5 things faster and more consistently?
  • Will you achieve higher customer satisfaction by having a business app?
  • Will your customers pay for an app to use your services?
  • Can you achieve a good return on investment by bringing these 5 tasks to your clients who use mobile devices?

A mobile app ties into the chain of marketing and general business services from most businesses. It may just be a question of, how long can you wait to take advantage of the new medium?