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What Is MozRank for SEO?

What Is MozRank for SEO?

MozRank for SEO

MozRank is all about link popularity and how connected your website is to other websites. It isn’t from Google or Bing directly, but is an important indicator that we can use to measure and gauge progress in search engine optimization link building campaigns.

Moz.com is an SEO consulting company that has built out several tools that are used for SEO and Social Media campaign measuring and management. They have become one of the most recognised experts in the field, and offer a few of their tools for free.


How Is It Measured?

MozRank is a logarithmic score, so changing your website score from 2 to 3 is much easier than going from 7 to 8. The base range for measurement is 0.0 to 10.0 and a ‘typical’ traffic website is usually around a 3.0.

The way that you can improve your MozRank is to get linked to from other websites. There are a couple of paths, and most websites try to use both to leverage the best returns on investment of time and energy. You can either gather lots of links from semi-popular sites or a few from really popular sites to improve your score, the better their MozRank the better the return from a link to your website.

A web page has only a certain amount of link ranking power to spread around with external links to other websites. Web pages that receive more links, or votes, are considered to be more authoritative web properties and are able to more effectively endorse any web pages they link to.

A good way to look up your website’s or other websites’ scores is Moz.com’s Open Site Explorer Tool. This is a free tool that gives you several metrics that they have picked up.


Why Should You Care?

Even though this isn’t a tool directly from Google, it does show you a fairly accurate rating of link power that will be reflected by the search engines.

It gives you a starting and continuous over-time benchmark for your efforts in link building and search engine optimization for your website design. You can use this to help determine which of your efforts are successful each month, and allows you to hone in on the best use of your marketing time and effort when it comes to link building.

At the base of the issue is link building itself. By improving the amount and quality of links to your website, your search engine rank overall and for specific keywords will be dramatically improved.


What’s The Catch?

The ‘Catch’ is – MozRank is only about Link Building…

It doesn’t measure social media popularity, or site search engine optimization, or how effective your content is in converting visitors to customers. So, it’s a limited view of your efforts in digital marketing that is just a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to building the perfect search engine marketing program.

So, take it with the proverbial grain of salt and keep pushing on getting your website design found on all the search engines for those perfect keywords for your audience. You are already interested in the right things for those efforts so you are already on the right side of the equation.

Keep it going, best of luck, and let us know if you ever need help or have questions!