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New Trends in Digital Marketing for 2016

New Trends in Digital Marketing for 2016

Each year, the question is always posed on what the newest digital marketing trends will be. Following the trail from previous years, helps to develop the trends for the next. 2016, has quite a few digital marketing trends that need to be carefully watched.

Consumer Purchasing Behavior

Those in the marketing business understand the way consumers decide on what to buy is really becoming more complex than years passed. When someone visits a website and decides to place something in their cart, but doesn’t follow through on a purchase, did they really make the decision to buy that product? No. These digital marketing trends are followed to help figure out how long it takes for consumers to make the final decision.

Mobile Usage Increases

This one really is a given. With the large amount of time people spend on their mobile devices, mobile usage is sure to go up. Because of this marketer need to take note and increase their mobile marketing to take advantage of the increased number of users

Increase Use of Messengers

Let’s face it, almost everyone is using the Facebook messenger, and other players like WhatsApp as well as Snapchat are coming to their own as well. This is not going to go away, in fact, in 2016; it’s just going to get bigger. With more and more users on these messenger applications, marketers are missing out on a huge audience. Taking advantage of marketing through messengers should be on the forefront of many digital marketing campaigns.

Live Streaming Services

This service has really only become popular recently. Products like Periscope and Facebook Live are starting to really become bigger. Users want information to them NOW, and because of this, these services are only going to skyrocket. So for digital marketing, it’s time to get on these services and go where your users are. Personalize your brand through live streaming.


When it comes to digital marketing, nothing is static. Everything can change and update at the drop of the hat. That is why it’s important to stay ahead of the game and learn the latest and greatest in digital marketing trends. By staying up to date on the newest applications, features, and even consumer decisions, you will be able to take advantage of a huge market of new potential buyers to get your products to.

Let’s not forget that keeping your brand fresh and sharp is also very important. Consumers rely on your brand as a face to your company and your products. If you are not up to date with your brand, what does this say about your company and the quality of your products? Stay current so consumers will buy.


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