Once The Website Goes Live…

Seven Steps to Success

Once The Website Goes Live…

Once the website goes live and you take that big breath to catch up, you can’t stop there. There’s a lot of work left to keep the momentum going and get your website in front of as many new customers as possible.

Be sure to quickly work to promote your new site on social media and search engines to maximize your return on investment.

  1. Check Your Stats – Be sure to regularly review your Google stats to find problem areas or opportunities.
  2. Check In on Your Site Rankings – Keep an eye on how your site ranks for your main keywords. Those keywords will change over time as your competition changes their campaigns and as your research shows that your customers are searching in different ways.
  3. Regularly Add New Content – Be sure to write a new blog article or content page every 1-2 weeks. Also add new content pages to reflect your changing business.
  4. Work on Social Media – Keep content flowing on 2-3 social media engines to add content credit and links back to your website.
  5. Review the Site – Set a regular schedule for reviewing your site for out of date or incorrect information.
  6. Run Adwords or Re-Targeting campaigns – Paid Search Engine Campaigns can expand your website’s reach quickly.
  7. Be Patient – The process of optimizing and maintaining your website presence is long term. It won’t happen overnight, and corrections to your optimization can take days or weeks before an appreciable difference can be noted.

David Waldron