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Video Production

Video Production

The fastest and most efficient way to expand on-line marketing is beginning or increasing the use of video production. The fastest-growing part of the Internet and well over half the entire net traffic is video. These numbers will only increase because both the number of people that click on at least one video per day and the number of people who only look at videos when they are on-line are growing rapidly.

Internet users are with increasing routine, choosing video content over straight text, directly forcing marketing departments of both large and small companies to develop their own video marketing strategy and unique content. This move is very similar shift seen as advertisers begin shifting ad budgets from TV and print media to on-line ad campaigns. There was a bit of a lag, but companies finally made the shift. The rewards are measurable as companies are seeing increases in direct sales by implementing video marketing.

The technology options for a small or medium size business looking to have its products compete by using a video marketing strategy are vast. A firm need only decide that video marketing is something that they want to develop and they can be producing content in a very short time.

Several reasons stand out for why using video marketing is absolutely imperative in any business future growth plans.

Introduce your company to the marketplace

The first and maybe the best reason is to introduce or remind the marketplace about your product or service. Crafting a customized 2 or 3-minute video demonstrating specific benefits of working with your company can make a tremendous difference by creating what may feel like a personal bond with the customer or client.

This especially helps if you have an interesting or novel product. Show ‘how to’ videos or customers using the product in action, and potential buyers will immediately be able to see how your product will help them.

One of the essential keys to a successful video is to demonstrate to potential customers how the product will benefit them in a real world situation. Clients should be able to have private “a ha” moments when watching your video. This ability makes Nashville video production content simply indispensable to the future growth of any company.

Build Your Video Brand

The growth of on-line marketing is no longer in dispute and will only accelerate. Having the ability to quickly produce quality content for viewers/customers will be indispensable for future growth.

When video content is used on-line, it allows a perfect opportunity for it to be shared over a variety of platforms. A marketing video campaign does not have to sit on your company’s YouTube channel; it can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and more. This leads to increased views and potentially, increased revenues.

On-line video content permits firms to share their unique marketing story over the many social media platforms in a seamless and powerful way. A company can craft a video marketing campaign and immediately have it on SMS platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Kik, while simultaneously posting the marketing video content to Facebook, You-tube, Twitter and many others. This marketing wave turns into a multiplier effect of more views, which also directly correlates to more sales.

Video is simply more cost efficient with the advent of proprietary video content that can be shared via the Internet and thereby millions of customers’ maybe the single biggest revolution in business since the industrial revolution. A good idea via a product or service package with a powerful marketing video allows the global marketplace to quickly respond and then reward the company with future revenue if the demand for the service or product is there.

David Waldron