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Community Volunteer At ITT Tech Nashville

Community Volunteer At ITT Tech Nashville

David Waldron of Darkstar Design with Charlotte Jones of ITT Technical Institute

Last month I was glad to be able to community volunteer over at ITT Tech Nashville with mock job interviews for a few students. We went over the basic questions that I ask during a real interview, and also opened up the floor for specific questions about the current job market, specific networking equipment that and technology I see in client’s offices, and advice on finding the right company for a long-term career.

It was good to come from a different perspective, and be able to relate our experience in web design and custom software back to the student’s growing knowledge in network security.

Nashville’s website design and software development companies are in full steam ahead mode right now. The city of Nashville is booming and technical colleges help Darkstar Design and other companies keep up with the demands of our clients. Especially in networking and network security, graduates will enter a workforce that has an extreme need for candidates.

I have, in the past, also volunteered in several other areas of education, from computer programming to website design to design and marketing. It is always my intent to install a sense of community and belonging in these new graduates. I know that these students will enter the Nashville work force and help our community succeed.

David Waldron