Want a Responsive Website?

10 Responsive examples for inspiration!

Want a Responsive Website?

With a wider variety of devices used to access the Internet than ever before, it has become even more important to ensure that as many of your website’s visitors as possible can enjoy an optimal viewing experience. Responsive Web design is a form of content adaptation in which a website automatically scales to the screen resolution and size of the device that it’s being displayed on. Here are some examples of successful responsive websites.

1. Darkstar Design

Darkstar Design Nashville Website Design


2. Inspire Conference

Inspire Conference Website


3. Design Week Portland

Design Week Portland


4. Virtual Wallet

Virtual Wallet Website 

5. dConstruct



6. Andersson-Wise

Abderson Wise Website 

7. Food Sense

Food Sense Website


8. Hobbs & Associates

Hobbs & Associates Website


9. Notre Dame University

Notre Dame Website 

10. Gateway Bank

Gateway Bank Website

The standards for how websites should be used by businesses and how they will display web design content has changed. In the past, websites were optimized with desktop computers in mind in a few limited resolutions, after the introduction of these new website design standards website designers are building with a “mobile first” approach to user experiences on the Internet. Website users now fully expect that a website is optimized for mobile device browsing. When they surf onto a website that is not, the end result is a negative first impression. Keeping your customers happy with your products and services is your number one job so responsive website design is a new break in technology that you have to pay attention to. Quoted from Hubspot; 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience.

Optimizing a website for mobile devices can be completed in many different ways, such having as a mobile version of website, or a mobile app. Responsive mobile design has rapidly become the industry standard for websites in the past year.

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