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Ways to Use GitHub That Aren’t Coding

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Ways to Use GitHub That Aren’t Coding

is frequently referred to as a website for different custom software projects. The core of this website is composed of two functions that are centered on collaboration; branching and forking which is not limited to coding alone. Branching is a process wherein a person can develop a temporary clone that they can utilize for collaborative editing. Forking, on the other hand, is the process of creating a clone based on other projects for remixing purposes. It is true that most of the features in GitHub highly require a skill and understanding on Git, but the underlying factors can be accomplished by simple clicks and minimum Git knowledge. Here are some known ways on how people are using GitHub to work on diverse projects apart from Coding.

Top Ways to use GitHub That Aren’t Coding

1. As a Travelogue

travel.jpg Dylan Egan has thought of a great way on how to use GitHub for travel logging. In case you are not aware of him, Egan is a known traveler; he wants to share his experience with people who shares the same passion as he does. By going on collaboration with different people who also love to go on a journey, they were able to create a list of the most recommended place to visit, restaurant to eat and places to stay in each country. Any users can visit and alter the travelogue by suggesting your own experience and the places that you visit.

2. Forking Musical Composition

piano.jpg There have been a lot of musical compositions in GitHub that have been improved and forked over the years. In case you have your own musical composition, and you are hoping to see different variations of it, it may be beneficial to collaborate with others to create a different arrangement for your composition. It is also helpful for people who only have a limited knowledge on a particular musical instrument. It will allow you to hear your composition using a different musical instrument.

3. Recreating and Forking Recipes

bruschetta.jpg Everyone wants to share their recipe hoping that it will be improved. By using GitHub, you will be able to share your recipe to different parts of the world and give them a local and distinct flavor. Even professional chefs will be able to create a variation, tweak and adjust your recipe to make it as fine tasting as possible.


4. Legal Documents

lawbooks.jpg Different lawyers are now turning to GitHub to find the legal documents that they need. There are accounts that share a patent agreement which allows the other user to change the clause. There are also legal documents that you can use when you need to use a crowd funding, start-up business and other paperwork that you may need.


GitHub has revolutionized the term collaboration. People all over the world can now forked and improved different documents that are not only concentrated on coding. You may also use it to improve your blogging content, font editing and for data visualization.


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