Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversion in 2017

Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversion in 2017

Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversion in 2017

With 2017 starting on a high note, web designers, SEO and UX experts know that boosting conversions will only arrive when the right web design and UX trends are employed. Each year typically comes with its brand-new design patterns, and this year will not be any different. Hop on the trend-wagon this year and earn more customers, clients and leads and improve conversions on your website by adopting the following hacks.

Ten website design hacks to help digital marketing experts in customer conversion for 2017

Focus on age-responsive designs

Apparently, with the difference in designs are varied reactions to content, layouts, and aesthetic options. How millennials will react will not be similar to how the elderly will perceive the same website. However, to boost conversions, use the latter-day metadata to vary the experiences as per the target group’s ages and connect when it counts.

Utilize skeleton screens

How fast a web page load has a tremendous impact on the visitor’s experience? It makes them feel comfortable and will probably make them more interactive. Use skeleton screens to test it from simple to complex and understand them. Don’t forget to focus on the bounce rate.


Truth be told, engagement bots are ideal in boosting conversions in web design and UX in 2017. Chatbots aren’t the latest craze, but it is how they engage with customers that make everything smooth. As a smart, tech-savvy web-entrepreneur, use them for customer service, and you will see the leads spiral up.

Existing Customer Marketing

In the online marketplace, it’s hard to attract and sell to a new customer compared to selling to an existing one. However, there’s no better way of attracting them and inherently earning more sales than offering upsells, bundled offers and cross-sales. Remember that most startups employ these techniques and in turn earn up to 30% more than anyone who doesn’t know how to use them.

Animated CTA Buttons

Call-To-Action buttons are everything, but there’s no problem when they are made a bit more lively and productive. A subtle movement that makes the page beautiful and the button attractive should do the trick. Don’t make them obnoxious and annoying.

Cinemagraph Hero Images

Images and videos are great in courting attention, but nothing manages to keep the visitor engrossed better than cinematography. In social media, Facebook ads with this feature attract more than 60% clicks than static adverts. Just use it above your CTA button and wait for the magic!

Explainer videos

To gain more leads under this trick, use real people in the place of animations. Customer testimonials and product demos should be on the frontline when you are launching new explainer videos.

Valuable Exit Overlays

Exit overlays, apparently, bolster conversions, partly because of the increasing tonal shift that comes with how they are set. In 2017, those overlays that benefit the visitor are taking center stage. Anything that doesn’t ask for something in return, e.g., coupon codes, free trial, and free shopping are perfect.

No need for homepages

2017 is the year of no-more-homepages, perhaps because no customer delights with the unpleasant homepage nix. Instead, use landing pages with specific, expertly created messages.

Navigation using Scrolling Trumps

Scrolling is ruling the mainstream, all for good reasons, and you let the user do it on their own by crafting a compelling story that trigger conversions. It is a well-planned, conversion-inspired journey that is proving great. However, you should be smart on how you create the story.