File and Project Management Software for 20th Century Fox


Digital Asset Management Custom Software
20th Century Fox Software Development

BIG MEDIA, Organized.

Darkstar put together the Displays By Fox project management system to help teams collaborate on the design and specifications for hundreds of  20th Century Fox media projects. From simple images and PDFs to large CAD files, this system keeps everything organized and easily accessible.

By building a custom Digital Asset Management system, we were able to easily accommodate Fox’s unique security, logging, and organization requirements.


The Displays By Fox system is set up to organize projects and files by country, automatically displaying relevant content for each user based on their location.


The entire user interface was built from the ground up to work on any device from a smart phone to a 4k television display.


A custom cloud-based file versioning system allows users to keep track of current specs without losing the file’s  history.
20th Century Fox Software Development

The current digital asset management solution was recently updated to replace the one Darkstar built previously. It was in use for over a decade.

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