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Web Design

Your Brand’s Best New Friend.

Cassin Media’s new website design focuses on showcasing many examples of their successful video and multimedia campaigns. The website is work focused, clean and modern to attract new visitors.

The main goal for the website was to connect new clients to Cassin’s dynamic video and case studies.

The quality and style of the video content, and the easy to access details in the many case studies drive deep and immediate connections to potential new clients. They are much more likely to engage with Cassin Media after visiting the website.


Very easy to update website design, allowing Cassin Media to post new projects in minutes to keep the content fresh.

Mobile First Design

The website was designed to work well on all mobile devices, leading to better experiences for mobile visitors and higher positioning with search engines.


Future changes are all driven by analysis of how visitors interact with the website, and incremental changes are made, analysed and tweaked to best effect.

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