Responsive Website Design for PTS


Web Design & E-commerce

Supporting our troops with reliable docking stations for tactical radios.

Perkins Technical Services reached out to Darkstar to modernize their website, improve their brand image, and introduce online sales to military units through the new website.

Darkstar created a website that visually appeals to a military audience, especially logistics/supply, command, and individual communications specialists. It has easy to follow calls to action leading to a product purchase. It also has an easy to use and flexible purchasing process.

Product First Design

The four up product highlight buttons lead customers directly to the PTS product that extends the capabilities of their brand of communications equipment.

Secure Shopping

Darkstar implemented an e-commerce system that is easy to update, secure, and easy for customers to complete purchases through.

Streamlined Information

Our page layouts and design give immediate access to the information that visitors are interested in, give use cases that support individual audiences, and drive sales.
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